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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Treasure Hunt Ideas "Nativity"

It's a silent night
It's a holy night
The angels are singing
One star's glowing bright.

The Littlest Shepherd's 
Preparing a bed
For the sweet baby Jesus
To lay down His head.

Come let us adore Him
Let us each do our part
To prepare room for Jesus
In our own grateful heart.

This is a perfect activity for December 1st (we always do something special to welcome the month of the Savior's birth), for Christmas Eve, or just for a truly special family night.  This book and activity tells the birth of the Savior through the "Littlest Shepherd's" eyes.  It is a really sweet story.  Make this activity a family tradition that your children and grandchildren will remember for years.

To order this sweet Christmas activity click HERE for two kid .  Click HERE for four kid.  

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