Monday, July 11, 2011




Just another crazy birthday celebration at the Erickson's.  We had two birthdays to celebrate this month and we always have to do something a little bit unique and different.  This activity is
called "Riddle Me This". 

How to play this game:

1.  Copy the riddles on card stock paper.

2.  Buy or make ten gifts for each birthday person. They should each have the same gifts and the gifts that match each other need to be wrapped in matching wrapping paper. Hide one set of gifts. (If you are celebrating more than two birthdays hide all the gifts except for one set.)

3.  A designated person reads the riddles. The birthday person that has the answer first grabs a token object. If they get the answer wrong they are the loser of that round. If they get the answer right they are the winner. The loser has to find a hidden gift while the winner simply picks one from the basket. Have the winner open the matching present and have them open the presents at the same time. Read another riddle to start the next round.

You can download birthday riddles HERE at Parties and Patterns.

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