Monday, August 15, 2011

The Candy Shop is OPEN! These candy cones are a big hit at any party or get together.  We made these candy cones for the candy table at my daughter's wedding reception and everyone loved it.  Throw a movie night, game night or any party and let everyone fill their candy cones with their favorite candies or popcorn.  Fun, colorful and sure to go fast.

Making the Cones and what you will need:

12"x12" piece of scrap book paper (one sheet will make four)
Double sided tape
Candy, candy and candy

Cut the scrapbook paper into fourths.  You now have four squares that measure 6"x6".   Put tape along one outside edge.  Take two opposite corners and roll the paper into a cone shape.  Press paper together along the tape side.  Attach a fun sticker at the top edge of the cone.  Download, Print, Party!

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