Saturday, November 12, 2011

From Megan's Kitchen

Let's face it...we are salad people. Many nights a week we are eating some variation of salad and so I am always trying to think of new ideas to mix it up. This salad is our absolute favorite lately. It's just a taco salad, but it is so yummy. Here's how we do it at my house:
Romaine lettuce
Jalapeno ranch dressing - I had some fat free ranch in my fridge, which I personally think is disgusting, so I threw it in the blender with some jalapenos and it was amazing. But two weeks later we can hardly eat it it's so hot. :) You can just buy jalapeno ranch dressing though to make it easier on you.
Ground Turkey - I season it with taco seasoning. Easy enough.
Black Beans -  I throw these in the pan that I cook the meat in once the meat is done just to heat them up.
Corn  - Same as the beans - I brown them in that same pan with a little butter and salt and pepper. You could do them with the beans, but due to my bean aversion, I refuse.
Tortilla Strips - The best part. I take a couple of corn tortillas and cut them into strips. Then I toss them in olive oil and season them with either all seasoning salt or taco seasoning depending on my mood. Then I crispify them in the same pan I've been using. That's right. I crispify them. So tasty.

My husband's salad:

 My beanless salad...

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