Friday, May 18, 2012

Playing off the idea of the traditional sugar cookie and the idea that little kids like to eat glue, this humorous little Teacher's gift idea was born.  These paper cutouts (cookies) dipped in glue (frosting) will put a smile on any teacher's face.   
Frost them, dip them or sandwich them.  Your teacher can enjoy this fun snack any which way to brighten their day.  
This downloadable packet comes with instructions, pictures, 
printable paper cutout tag, 
printable glue tag, frosting and cookie recipes and "Thanks for sticking with me" tag.  
Yey, school is almost out!

Other Fun Uses For This Treat:

Pass these out at a kids party.  Kids love their own little jar of frosting and bag of cookies. 

 Use it to ask someone out on a date. (Even your husband would get a kick out of this). You could say something along the line of "I'm stuck on you, please come with me to..."

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