Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My daughter Ana is having a baby in a month and all of her sisters threw her a very cute baby shower. 
Of course I still had to get in on the action and the shower was at my house. 
I told my daughter Megan that I wanted her to create a diaper carriage.  Our theme was baby girls. 
 Diaper cakes are very popular right now and  I wanted something a little bit different. 
Megan is amazing and made this adorable diaper baby carriage out of disposable diapers, 
receiving blankets, bottles and baby wash cloth.  
All usable items for the new mother-to-be.
Megan made huge snicker-doodle cookies for a party favor take home and we housed 
them in the carriage. It was a fun centerpiece, gift and handout. The instructions on making this 
diaper baby carriage can be downloaded  HERE.

Stack your baby carriage on top of your 4 wheels to make it complete. We filled our baby carriage with homemade party favors.  Insert your favorite cookie into a cellophane bag.  Fold the bag top over and tape in the back. Tape the tag to the front. 

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