Friday, November 9, 2012

Candy candy, it's so dandy

I need a way to pass it out that's handy!
A normal wrapper's rather boring,
but is there any other way of storing?
A candy bar pocket's the way to go--
It will help you put on a great show!

Make your next party guests all say "whoa" :-)

Printable Candy Bar Pockets 

"My Little Kitty"


Hi there! I love your printables!! Thanks so much for posting them! My little girl is having a Hello Kitty themed birthday party this year and she's super excited about it!

I'd love to use this candy bar wrapper, but it seems that the wrong file is attached to it somewhere. I went through the checkout process and downloaded and it was the cookie wrapper bag, not the candy bar wrapper. :-(


Thank-you so much for letting me know. I had no idea that the wrong file was on the website for this Candy Bar Pocket. I am out of town and won't be able to fix the file until Monday April 1st. If you need the packet before then, just e-mail me at and I can e-mail you that file.


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