Thursday, February 28, 2013

Easter is coming soon, and with Spring coming there are lots of little bundles of baby joy on their way as well! If you're throwing a baby shower and looking for a great idea for a baby shower party favor then here's the answer! These adorable baby bundles are made up of yummy baby bunny cookies wrapped up in cute little packets.  You can pass them out and hang them up for decorations so it solves that problem as well! Just click the link below to download the pattern for these cute baby 
shower party favors!

Baby Shower Party Favor "Bunny Bundles"
Clothes Line

You will need one 4" x 4" wood board cut to length desired.  (Lumber stores will do free cuts if you purchase the lumber from them.)  I cut my board 20" long.  The sides of the clothesline are 1" x 2" pine pieces cut to 11 inches long.  Drill a hole in the end of each piece.  Nail the pine pieces to the ends of the 4" x 4" wood board.  Paint the whole piece white and sand.  Stain with Early American Wood Stain.  Let completely dry.  String a piece of ribbon through the holes in the ends clothesline style.  Hang the bunnies on the ribbon. 
Optional:   You can spray paint four hinges brown  (or color of choice, pink and blue are fun) and attach to each corner of the 4”x4” wood board.

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