Monday, September 23, 2013

ice cream cake recipes ice cream cake ideas snickers cake snickers ice cream cake homemade ice cream cake recipe
ice cream cake recipes ice cream cake ideas snickers cake snickers ice cream cake homemade ice cream cake recipe

Ana's Corner

Having made THIS delicious ice cream cake for my husband's birthday, I decided to stick with the ice cream  cake theme for my daughter's birthday a little while back.  This time I thought I'd switch it up and try to do a Snickers cake (thank you, pinterest), because, come on, what one-year-old doesn't want a Snickers ice cream cake for her birthday?  It turned out awesome--I actually think this one is a lot yummier than the mint one.  It is SUPER rich so all you need is a small slice to satisfy your sweet tooth, but by golly it's good!

Snickers Ice Cream Cake

1 box brownie mix (mix batter according to 

instructions on box)

8 oz cream cheese, softened

1 1/2 cups peanut butter

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup milk

8 oz Cool Whip, thawed 

chocolate syrup (I used Hershey's) 

caramel syrup

1 11.5 oz bag mini snickers, chopped (divided)

(In place of the first five ingredients you can use peanut butter ice cream).

Line the bottom of an 8" spring-form pan 
with parchment paper (I lay a square of parchment paper on the bottom and then close the spring-form top around it to hold it down into place) and pour in half of your brownie batter (I just eyeball it).  Cook at 350 degrees for twenty minutes leaving them slightly soft (you don't want to over-bake your brownies or they'll go hard when you freeze them!). Once you remove your first brownie from your pan, reline the pan and bake the rest of the batter for twenty minutes (if you're fancy enough to have two pans that are the same size, you could bake both brownies at the same time). 

 While your brownies are baking, go ahead and mix up your ice cream.  Beat your cream cheese until smooth, then beat in the peanut butter, and then beat in the milk and sugar (if you don't beat your cream cheese well first, it will stay lumpy).  Once this mixture is smooth, fold in your cool whip and set aside.  

You should now have both of your brownies cooled down on parchment paper on your counter.  Line your spring-form pan once more, but this time you're going to line the sides of it, not the bottom.  I cut a length of parchment paper big enough to roll into a circle to fill my pan (it will extend way above the top of your pan--I cut mine in half and save the other half). With the sides of your pan now lined (and the spring-form clamped back together), drop in one of your brownie circles.  My brownies were still stuck to the bottom of the parchment paper which made it really easy to lower the brownie down into the pan face down and then peel the parchment paper up and off of it.  Spread a couple handfuls of snickers onto the brownie, drizzle some caramel syrup, and then smooth half of your ice cream mixture out on top. Lower the second brownie on top, spread a couple handfuls (about a third) of snickers down, drizzle with caramel sauce (you could drizzle chocolate sauce too but I didn't because I didn't want it to be to rich), and then spread the remaining ice cream out.  

Top with the rest of the snickers and drizzle with caramel and chocolate sauces.  Cover the top of the parchment paper with saran wrap and put in the freezer until frozen through (about an hour).  Enjoy!  This ice cream cake really is so rich and so yummy--anyone who loves chocolate/peanut butter/snickers is going to be in heaven!

ice cream cake recipes ice cream cake ideas snickers cake snickers ice cream cake homemade ice cream cake recipe

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