Saturday, March 3, 2012

Megan's Corner

So there is much more to working out than getting a fit body (that will come eventually, right?) or a stress reliever or a social affair for those college students who come in the gym all dressed up and ready for a dating ritual (ok we'll save that rant for another time). Sometimes you are lucky enough to learn a new trick! While I was running on a treadmill the other day, I was trying everything possible to distract myself so I didn't just stare at the numbers on my machine crawling along and the Nate Berkus show was on. His guest showed how to do these fun flowers and I couldn't wait to get home and try them out. I only got two done before I had to clean up my mess, but I plan to do a bunch more and make a cool wall piece out of them!

First you need paper lunch sacks. I just happened to have a big thing of them and I'm not completely sure why - I definitely don't have school-age children and my husband and I are not prone to frequent paper sack picnics. But either way, I'm glad I had them on hand because it would have been months before I actually got out and got some for this project! You will also need glue and scissors (I just used a glue stick) so go ahead and get those ready.

Cut the bottoms off of the paper sacks.

With the tops, free-hand a leaf shape out of them, making sure to go pretty far over to the sides. This will give you four leaves. Two big and two small.

Cut out a bunch of leaves and then glue the same size leaves together in groupings of four.

Stack one big leaf group beneath two small leaf groupings and glue them together.

Using thumb tacks, stick them to your wall.

The thumb tacks make a nice center to your flower, but I actually prefer them without the thumb tacks showing, so I re-pinned them behind the petals.


I love these. Did you cut the small leaves from the bottom of the bag or another bag top? I bet you could glue a button or something to the top of the tack to cover it up. That would look cool.


A button would be so cute! When you cut the big petals, if you cut them big enough, then you are automatically going to get the smaller leaves from the paper bag sides that are folded in. Good Luck!


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