Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a tradition in our family that the birthday person gets to pick their favorite meal.  Kermit's was easy.  He wanted pizza.  Well at least we think he wanted pizza?  He's only one so he doesn't really talk yet, but pizza was easy for us.
To continue with our frog theme we added a frog to the pizza.  We cut the bottom off of a pepper for the frog's body.  We cut the bottom piece into two pieces for the frog's feet.  The eyes were made out of mozzarella cheese.  We took a melon baller to make the round shape for the eyes.  Finished the frog eyes with sliced olives attached to the mozzarella cheese with cream cheese.  Attached the eyes to the frog body with toothpicks.
The pizza was a hit.  Kermit loved it!


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