Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Father's Day on Sunday,
Hip hip, hooray!
It's time to get going
and plan the big day!

You'll leave dad crying
and wiping his eyes,
when he comes downstairs seeing
this big fun surprise!

Don't neglect taking care of the big guy that's been taking care of you over the years.  Rain, snow, and sun, dads everywhere put on their starched shirts and ties and head off to work so that we can live comfortably.  This Father's Day make your dad GLAD to wake up and see ties--all over the house! With this homemade party ideas "Ties for Dad" theme, you can decorate everywhere with fun little surprises for dad to find around the house.  This homemade party ideas "Ties for Dad" theme comes with  printable bottle labels, printable candy boxes, printable father's day cupcake liners,  printable candy bar holders,  printable gift boxes, printable gift tags, and a super fun printable Father's Day banner that your dad will just love! Happy Father's Day!!!
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