Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Game Idea 

"Where's Rudolph?"

Nothing brings the family closer together than playing games and laughing! This creative Christmas game is perfect for families with younger children but it's actually fun for people of any age!

es holiday games for the family

The game board is a printable that has nine  images of Rudolph on it.  

How to play: Put a piece of candy (we usually do M&Ms) on each Rudolph.  Have one person leave the room and have everyone else decide on one reindeer to be "Rudolph".  When the person comes back into the room, they get to pick pieces of candy off of the game board one by one.  When the person picks "Rudolph," everyone will shout "That's Rudolph!" and then they don't get to pick anymore candy.  They get to eat all of the candy they picked off before picking Rudolph! The goal is to try to clear the whole board.  This game is so fun because of the element of suspense--even I get so excited when it's my turn to try to get all of the candy! Sometimes the person will pick Rudolph on the first try, some people get every piece of candy.  It's a blast!  Reset the game board with candy after every player's turn.

We hope you enjoy our game!

To download this  fun Christmas game just CLICK HERE

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Hi! cute game. It says on the page that it is a free printable, but then directs me to pay for it? Is this possible to download for free as stated. our cubscout group would enjoy it.


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