Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ana's Corner

It's Christmas cookie time and these festive Nutter Butter Santa cookies are just what you're looking for to make everyone say "Wow...that girl is awesome..."!  Kids love eating these cookies.

So here's what you need:

Nutter Butters (one for every Santa that you want to make)
Red airheads (one airhead makes 3-4 Santa hats)
Shiny black sprinkles for the eyes
White candy melt

Putting the cookies together:

Melt the candy melt in a double boiler.  (I'd say maybe 3-4 pieces per Santa that you want to do to give you and idea of how much to melt). 

Cut triangular Santa hats out of the airheads--I tried to make my triangle pretty wide and I left a rectangle at the bottom of it to make it taller (and to give space for the marshmallow trim).

Coat a Nutter Butter with the candy melt--the top just needs a thin layer (for the hat to stick to), spread the candy thicker over the bottom and the sides for the beard.

Stick a marshmallow to the top of Santa's hat
Stick Santa's hat and a piece of candy melt for Santa's face onto the Nutter Butter.

Cover the remaining candy melt with coconut (going up onto Santa's face).

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Cut the marshmallows into thin slices.

Trim Santa's hat with marshmallows along the bottom.

With a tooth pick dab a tiny bit of melted candy onto the face and then place the eyes on top, close together.  (Don't try to dip the eyes and then stick them on--it will look more messy).

Make your friends and kids say "Whoa!"

We know  you want more great stuff!


Cute idea.You have a very creative mind. It makes me hungry looking at the Santa cookie.


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