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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Party Mystery Dinner Idea

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Halloween is a time to party, but it's also a time to play fun tricks! This last weekend we threw a backwards "mystery dinner" party, and it was a total blast! We came up with funny names for a bunch of different foods (appetizers/main course/dessert)/drinks/utensils.  Every guest at our Halloween Party Mystery Dinner Idea had to select four things they wanted for each course and then were completely surprised by what they got! (for example, somebody could have gotten a spoon, ice cream, an enchilada, and nacho dip for a course)  Everybody had a ton of fun and this will definitely become a new Halloween tradition! We've got the whole dinner here for you: invitations, menus, instructions, etc.  You'll have a blast!

To download Halloween Party Mystery Dinner Idea just CLICK HERE

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Ideas Pocket Banner "Trick or Treat"

Halloween ideas, Halloween printable banner, Halloween pocket banner
It's the season of candy! Have a college kid? A favorite friend?  A deserving husband? Surprise them with this fun Halloween Ideas Pocket Banner "Trick or Treat"! Fill every pouch with a favorite treat or surprise and shock their socks off!

Halloween Ideas Pocket Banner "Trick or Treat" just CLICK HERE

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Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Cupcake Liners "Football"

DIY cupcake liners, printable cupcake liners, football cupcake liners
With fall here, it's football time! Getting together to watch the big game? Throwing a party for your son's football team? Want to surprise your husband with a special treat? Download these DIY Cupcake Liners "Football" and knock the socks off all the other players out there.
To download DIY Cupcake Liners "Football" just CLICK HERE
Want your party to feel like a winning touchdown?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Treat Ideas "Mummy Candy Holders"

Halloween Treat Ideas, candy bar wrappers, halloween ideas, party favors
Download this Halloween Treat Ideas "Mummy Candy Holders" and your awesome Halloween party is officially a wrap!  These candy bar holders are spooky, fun, and reusable! Just slide your favorite treats into the wrapper and get ready to "boo"gy the night away.
To download Halloween Treat Ideas "Mummy Candy Holders" just CLICK HERE
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Printable Labels "Caution"

halloween printable labels, printable Halloween labels, Halloween labels, Halloween ideas
Want to dress up your Halloween candy? These Halloween Printable Labels "Caution" are just for you! Fill in bag with your favorite treat and top it with these fun and spooky labels to give it just a little more "spirit".  Happy Halloween!
To download Halloween Printable Labels "Caution" just CLICK HERE
We want to scare your socks off

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Tags "Halloween Straw Tags"

Halloween printable tags, Halloween tags, Halloween ideas, halloween treats
It might be the month of the dead, but nobody wants to have a dead party! Liven up your Halloween bash with these Halloween Tags "Halloween Straw Tags".  These spooky straw tags add color and fun to any treat jar, bowl, or basket! With plenty of varieties you'll please every witch and warlock out there!
To download Halloween Tags "Halloween Straw Tags" just CLICK HERE
We have cauldrons full of spooky ideas!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fun Halloween Activities "30 Days 'til Halloween"

Halloween acitivity ideas, Halloween activites, Halloween ideas
When it comes to fun holiday traditions, count-down activities are one of our favorites.  Christmas, Valentine's day, Halloween, heck--we'll count down to anything just to have something fun to look forward to! Halloween Activities "30 Days 'til Halloween" is a great way to get in the spooky  Halloween mood.  The download comes with a super easy, anyone-can-sew pattern for the Halloween bags pictured, which you then fill with the 30 printable Halloween activities (we tend to attach everything to candy in our house just to sweeten it up :-P).  On Halloween night, once you've done all of the activities in the bag throughout the month you can use the bag for trick-or-treating!
-->Ps parents--if you haven't figured it out already, cloth trick-or-treat bags are the way to go.  Nobody wants to be stuck carrying the thin plastic handle on a plastic pumpkin once that pumpkin is full of goodies and the kids don't want to carry it themselves anymore.
With 30 fun, crafty, spooky Halloween activities, October is sure to be the funnest month of the year! To Halloween Activities "30 Days 'til Halloween" just CLICK HERE
We've got stuff to help you get your party on ALL year