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Friday, August 29, 2014

Printable Gift Card Minis "Boo"

printable gift cards, halloween gift cards

With August practically over, it's hard to not start getting excited for Fall! I love when the air starts to cool down and get a little crisper and the leaves change colors transforming the landscape around us :-)  With Fall on my mind, it hit me that I only have a month before it's time to decorate for Halloween!  If you're looking for tons of adorable Halloween printables, party ideas, and party favors, then look no further--our website has you covered! These Printable Gift Card Minis "Boo" make adorable toppings for treats, gifts, party bags--you name it!

To download Printable Gift Card Minis "Boo", just CLICK HERE

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Thank-you Mini Gift Cards

Thank-you Mini Gift Cards
Have you ever put a fun gift or treat together for someone that you want to thank-you and then you don't have a card to go with the gift? This is such an easy little gift card to print off and have on hand when you want to write a little note to go along with your gift.  Save this file to your computer and have the cards and envelopes ready to print off next time you need a thank-you card.

To download this "Sweet" thank-you mini gift card just 
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Best Ever Hot Fudge Sauce

Best Ever Hot Fudge Sauce

There's no question, homemade hot fudge sauce is a thousand times better than anything you could possibly buy at the store, but did you know that homemade hot fudge sauce was super easy to make? This Best Ever Hot Fudge Sauce is aptly named, it's literally the yummiest I've ever had!

Fudge Sauce:

1 cup sugar
2 tbsp. light corn syrup
4 tbsp. cocoa

dash salt
4 tbsp. butter
up to 1 cup  powdered sugar
½ cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix sugar and cocoa in saucepan. Stir in butter, milk, corn syrup and salt, heat to boiling, stirring frequently. Boil vigorously for 3 minutes. Cool. Beat in powdered sugar and vanilla--I hardly put in any powdered sugar because I boiled my frosting long enough that it was already a little thick. The frosting should be slightly runny. You don't want it to be thick.  It will thicken.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY Cupcake Liners "Boo Hoo, Back to School"

DIY Cupcake Liners, back to school cupcake liners
Does your heart hurt when you see your kids have to go back to school at the end of the summer? Ease the transition with these adorable DIY Cupcake Liners "Boo Hoo, Back to School"! Throw a back to school party for your little family (or even a block party for all the kids on the street) and treat them to a little something special :-) On a side note, I think that these "boo hoo" cupcake labels would be really cute for a going away party, or even a treat for a friend who's sick/injured. 
To download DIY Cupcake Liners "Boo Hoo, Back to School" just CLICK HERE
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Halloween Quilt Pattern "Happy Halloween"

Halloween quilt patterns, Halloween quilt pattern

Time to start getting ready for the holidays, because once school starts it's like they're here before you know it! This Halloween Quilt Pattern "Happy Halloween" is such a cute quilt to hang for Halloween time! It features Frankenstein, his bride, a witch, and Dracula with some fun blocks and the words "happy Halloween". I loved making it and everyone that sees it adores it!

To download Halloween Quilt Pattern "Happy Halloween" all you have to do is CLICK HERE
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Printable Party Favor Label "Caution: Kids in School!"

printable party favors, school party ideas, school party favors

August is moving rapidly forward and if you're kids aren't back in school yet (I can't believe that some schools start this early!), they will be soon! These Printable Party Favor Label "Caution: Kids in School!" are a fun way to commemorate the return of the school year and brighten everyone's mood a little bit.  I like to leave fun little goodies like these on my kids' pillows throughout the first week of school to cheer them up and let them know that I am missing them!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Halloween Quilt Patterns "Creepy"

Halloween Quilt patterns, quilt patterns, halloween quilt pattern

Creepy crawler
creeping crawling
Run away fast,
there is no stalling!

Halloween is getting closer than you think--especially if you want to have time to sew an adorable quilt like this one! This Halloween Quilt Patterns "Creepy" features one of my biggest Halloween fears: spiders! If only all spiders were as cute and fun as this one ;-) 

You can download Halloween Quilt Patterns "Creepy" just by CLICKING HERE!


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