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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Pillowcase Pattern "Rudolph"

Need a creative gift idea to send to kids, friends or family this Holiday Season? Brighten your package or your home with these easy-to-make"Rudolph" pillowcases. DOWNLOAD this pattern now and get started on these great Holiday gifts. Your kids of all ages will love them and they are sure to help spread the Holiday cheer. Merry Christmas!

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas - "Reindeer Snacks"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homemade Christmas Gift "Rudy The Reindeer"

Are your ears getting droopy, 

are you feeling all loopy,

 Are your antlers stuck out to the side?

Well then maybe it's time, 

to restore your old rhyme, 

and get back your reindeer pride!

Inside this box is the thing that you need

to start feeling chipper and gay.

So if you want to feel dandy, just rip open this candy

For it's sure to save the day!

Homemade Christmas Gift "Rudy The Reindeer" is the perfect thing to send to college students, far off friends and family to "rein" in the season!

Homemade Christmas Gift "Rudy The Reindeer" Cookie Can

Now this is the real cookie monster--who knew that reindeer love cookies! But then, who doesn't love cookies? Delight your neighbors with this Homemade Christmas Gift "Rudy The Reindeer" Cookie Can--there will be plenty to go around!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Printable Labels "Holiday Stress Pills"

"Does the holiday season keep you up all night?
Are you shop-til-your-dropping, or making pecan delight?
If you're suffering anxiety, fever or chills--
Perhaps you just need some of these 
"Stress Pill!"

Printable Gift tags and labels "Let It Snow"

I love winter and snow, but I especially love snowmen.  Years ago, my little brother and I gave my mom a shirt that says "Frosty is my homeboy," which she still has the good humor to wear every now and then.  Every time I see "Frosty" now I think of my sweet, funny mother and it just brings a smile to my face! Put a smile on the faces of your guests at your next party with these Printable Gift tags and labels "Let It Snow"-it's a great way to dress up your party!

Printable Snowman Napkin Ring "Let It Snow"

Frosty probably doesn't get invited to very many dinner parties (some people just can't take the heat...), but he's always there in spirit! Make sure Frosty is at your next dinner party with this Printable Napkin Ring "Let It Snow". He's sure to be a snow-ball smashing success!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Treat Idea "Santa's Whiskers"

For a holiday treat that's almost no fuss, 
Santa's Whiskers are an absolute must...

There's nothing like an aweseome holiday treat to impress the neighbors! These white-chocolate-peppermint covered snacks are absolutely delicious and soooo easy to make :-)

-one bag (2 cups) white chocolate chips (you could also use almond bark or candy melt)
-10 crushed peppermints
-2 generous cups of Chow Mein or pretzel sticks broken into halves.

Lay down a square of wax paper or non-stick wrap, about the size of a cookie sheet.

Simply melt the chocolate--you could use a double boiler, but I just melted it over low heat which took about 30 seconds (just keep it stirred so it doesn't burn).

While chocolate is melting, crush the 10 peppermints.  I found it easiest to smash each one several times with a little hammer (you could use any blunt object if you don't have a hammer handy, be creative :-P), while the peppermint is still IN it's wrapper.  You'll get a little dust that comes out, but you'll avoid the bigger mess of peppermint chips flying everywhere.  Once they were all decently smashed, I opened (CAREFULLY) each wrapper as I dumped it into the pan of chocolate.

Remove chocolate/peppermint mixture from heat.

Stir in the whiskers.  Both options for whiskers taste great, so it really just depends on what you prefer.  The pretzels give Santa's beard more of a salty taste, the Chow Mein is slightly less crunchy.  No need to split hairs over the issue, make a batch of each!

Plop a small pile of whiskers with a spoon down on the wax paper and spread slightly to flatten.

Yields 8 beards.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Printable Snowman Cupcake Liners "Let It Snow"

Nothing's better than a yummy cupcake topped with delicious frosting on a frosty kind of day.  Top your cupcake with  Printable Cupcake Liners "Let It Snow" , Frosty is sure to love this frosty new home!

Christmas Snowman Party Favors "Let It Snow" Candy Box

This winter, don't let your party guests go without! Dazzle them with every party perk you can think of, like this Homemade Party Favors "Let It Snow" Candy Box.  Fill it with your favorite holiday treat and give your guests something to rave over!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Treat Ideas "Reindeer Poop"

Looking for a fun holiday treat that will get a good laugh at the next family get-together? Look no farther!These Reindeer Poop's are a hilarious holiday treat, and they are YUMMY.

 Click HERE to download.

Have YOU heard the latest scoop?
Everyone's eating Reindeer Poop!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Homemade Christmas Gift "Let It Snow" Cookie Pockets

Homemade Christmas Gift 

"Let It Snow" Cookie Pockets

Homemade Christmas Gift "Let It Snow" Cookie Pockets makes passing out holiday cookies easy

 and mess free. 

Snowman "Let It Snow" Candy Cone

Frosty the Snowman, was a very jolly soul
He loved to sing, and play, and party, he even loved to bowl!
Some may think that he was sad because he didn't have any bones,
in reality he was so glad that he passed out candy cones!

Spread the holiday cheer with Homemade Party Favor "Let It Snow" Candy Cones. It's a great way to cheer up all of your dear loved ones!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bottle Labels "Let It Snow"

Frosty probably doesn't like the concept of drinking very much,  but don't let that put a damper on your party! Whet your guest's appetite, or send them home, with your favorite party elixer covered in these adorable 
"Bottle Labels "Let It Snow". It's sure to be a success!

Christmas Snowman Gift Idea "Let It Snow" Gift Bag

One thing Frosty the Snowman knows is how o party!Don't let your guests go home empty-handed.  Download this fun Homemade Christmas Gift "Let It Snow" Gift Bag to liven up your party.  

Fill with any Christmas specialty for a fantastic gift!

Homemade Christmas Gift "Let It Snow" Gift Bag

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Gift Idea "Snowman Soup"


1 package hot chocolate mix
1 handful small marshmallows
3 candy Kisses
1 candy cane to stir

Place all ingredients in a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon.
Christmas Gift Idea "Snowman Soup"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Easiest Fudge in the World!

Want to make yummy fudge in less than ten minutes? 
Well, look no further-this recipe is easy, fast, and delicious!

2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup milk chocolate chips
1 can (14 oz) of sweetened-condensed milk
dash of salt
1 1/2 ts vanilla
1/2 cup chopped pecans (or more if desired, I like to be rather liberal with nuts :-D)

Line an 8" square pan with wax paper.  Melt the chocolate chips, sweetened-condensed milk, and salt over medium-low heat in a heavy saucepan.  When melted through, stir in vanilla and then chopped pecans (or you could sprinkle on top after spreading).  Spread the fudge evenly in the prepared pan. Voila, you're done!

More options:
-For richer fudge, use all semi-sweet chocolate chips.  For sweeter fudge, use all milk chocolate chips.  Or, use any combination of the two to achieve desired sweetness :-)

-Like sweet and salty? Try peanuts instead of pecans.

-Or, you could stir in 1/4 cup-1/2 cup of peanut butter after removing from heat for a yummy peanut butter treat.

-For a minty morsel, add a capful of mint extract (or more, to taste, depending on preference)

-stir in one cup of marshmallows and 1/2 cup of nuts for Rocky Road fudge

-sprinkle chopped up candy canes, or candy bar pieces, of white chocolate chips on top while spreading

-Be creative and make this fudge your own!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Printable Invitation "Hello Kitty"

When having a party, you just never know
how many people will actually show!
If you want to ensure a wonderful night, 
then just start it off with this awesome invite!

Printable Invitation "My Little Kitty" is the best way to get a great show at your little girl's party--with such a cute invite, no one will want to miss it!

Printable Napkin Rings "Hello Kitty"

"Don't use your fingers!" my mother said.

I licked off my thumb just to see her turn red...

She smacked down my hand and said don't be a smarty-

or I won't make these holders for your birthday party!

Who could use their hands with silverware as cute as this? Printable Napkin Rings "My Little Kitty" is just what you need for for your next party!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Printable Cupcake Liners "Hello Kitty"

Party's can be hard to throw

what favors will make your guests glow?

It's always hard to be so witty

But who doesn't love more Hello Kitty?

Printable Cupcake Liners "My Little Kitty" turn a simple treat into an awesome favor!

Printable Candy Label "Hello Kitty"

Every party needs a treat-
something that is oh so sweet...
But, if you want to have some swag,
pass out your candy in this bag!

Printable Candy Label "My Little  Kitty" is the best way to pass out little treats at your next party!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Printable Candy Bar Pockets "Hello Kitty"

Candy candy, it's so dandy

I need a way to pass it out that's handy!
A normal wrapper's rather boring,
but is there any other way of storing?
A candy bar pocket's the way to go--
It will help you put on a great show!

Make your next party guests all say "whoa" :-)

Printable Candy Bar Pockets 

"My Little Kitty"

Birthday Party Favors "Hello Kitty" Cookie Pocket

You're having a party, shout hooray!
But what can you do to make them say "yay"?

You want something easy, you're only a rookie...
so why not hand out this adorable cookie?

Homemade Party Favors 

"My Little Kitty" Cookie Pocket

For a fun, simple party, this is the way to go!