Friday, January 20, 2012

From Megan's Kitchen

So it turns out that you can use any delicious fruit to make THESE scones from our blog.  I made these for a brunch I hosted this morning and I used raspberry's since Costco fell through in the strawberry department and everybody loved them. (Recipe also found under the following categories:  breakfast, Valentine's Day and bread).

I still used half a cup of berries and I cut my raspberry's in half. But it turns out you don't have to because they completely crumble when you mix them in anyways. Some things that I find work best  - add the berries to the dry mixture BEFORE you add the cream. They don't mix in very easily if you do it after. Also, I always have my butter at room temperature and it works fine. You either pat this into a square and get 16 scones, but I usually pat it into a rectangle and cut 12. Bigger is better, right :). If you want to double the recipe, just make the recipe doesn't seem to work out very well when you double the ingredients. Enjoy!

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