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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Gift Idea "Troll Toe" Printable Label

The spiders were creeping,
The slimy slugs slinking,
The witches were out on their brooms.

The full moon was out,
 Causing general doubt,
And an overall feeling of doom!

Just then, at my door, I heard a troll roar
I shrank back in terror and fright.
But then I remembered my magic troll toe,
So I ate it and put up a fight!

With Halloween near, there is no need to fear—
You just need to stock up your store!
 Of lotions and potions and ointments and charms,
And, of course, you’ll need troll toes galore!

This Halloween Gift Idea "Troll Toe" Witch Potion is perfect to ward off any spooky visitors that come knocking at your door this month, and it's yummy too! Just take two of these toes 
and you'll be able to ward off any silly old troll!

For the troll toes, we unwrapped Babe Ruth Candy bars and put them in the jar, but you can also make yummy homemade treats.

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