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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Treat Idea "Santa's Whiskers"

For a holiday treat that's almost no fuss, 
Santa's Whiskers are an absolute must...

There's nothing like an aweseome holiday treat to impress the neighbors! These white-chocolate-peppermint covered snacks are absolutely delicious and soooo easy to make :-)

-one bag (2 cups) white chocolate chips (you could also use almond bark or candy melt)
-10 crushed peppermints
-2 generous cups of Chow Mein or pretzel sticks broken into halves.

Lay down a square of wax paper or non-stick wrap, about the size of a cookie sheet.

Simply melt the chocolate--you could use a double boiler, but I just melted it over low heat which took about 30 seconds (just keep it stirred so it doesn't burn).

While chocolate is melting, crush the 10 peppermints.  I found it easiest to smash each one several times with a little hammer (you could use any blunt object if you don't have a hammer handy, be creative :-P), while the peppermint is still IN it's wrapper.  You'll get a little dust that comes out, but you'll avoid the bigger mess of peppermint chips flying everywhere.  Once they were all decently smashed, I opened (CAREFULLY) each wrapper as I dumped it into the pan of chocolate.

Remove chocolate/peppermint mixture from heat.

Stir in the whiskers.  Both options for whiskers taste great, so it really just depends on what you prefer.  The pretzels give Santa's beard more of a salty taste, the Chow Mein is slightly less crunchy.  No need to split hairs over the issue, make a batch of each!

Plop a small pile of whiskers with a spoon down on the wax paper and spread slightly to flatten.

Yields 8 beards.

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