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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Activity "The Witch Behind the Door"

If every day your house is full
of monsters running around
And all you need--it isn't greed--
but just a little less high-pitched sound

When they're yelling all day
"mommy!", "candy!", "more!"
Then just remember what you've got in store--
divert their attention in a clever way with the 

This adorable witch is a fun Halloween activity to send your kids on wild treasure hunts around the house and give them something fun to look forward to! Just fill the witch's cauldron with candy, treats, or whatever you like and hide her behind a different door every day for the kids to find--they'll absolutely love it!  I just have a one-year-old baby and she already knows that the witch has treats hiding in her pot and loves to find her every day (and then hangs on her feet and pounds the door until I can get her a treat :-P).  You can download this awesome Halloween activity pattern just by clicking HERE

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