Friday, May 23, 2014

 Looking for more ways to sneak dad a sweet treat for Father's Day?  Father's Day Homemade Gift Ideas "Super Pills" is right up your alley! This prescription bottle of dad's favorite snack is just what the doctor ordered--and all you have to do is print and cut!
The Rx bottle label reads: 

Power Pills!
Take five pills and immediately 
experience the ability to:
*lift ten children to bed without breaking a sweat
*have night-vision so good you'll never step on a Lego in the dark again
*fly faster than TSOYWV (the speed of your wife's voice--making speedy getaways easier than ever!).  Repeat dosage as soon as effects wear off.

WARNING: this medication is not intended for everyone and is only approved for consumption by qualified dads. "Accidental" ingestion by children should be treated with tickles, and, in more severe cases, spankings. If Super Mom has taken her pills we cannot guarantee the ability to out fly her voice. Always act responsibly. 

Bring a small to dad's face and his tummy! To download Father's Day Homemade Gift Ideas "Super Pills" just CLICK HERE

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