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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fun Halloween Activities "30 Days 'til Halloween"

When it comes to fun holiday traditions, count-down activities are one of our favorites.  Christmas, Valentine's day, Halloween, heck--we'll count down to anything just to have something fun to look forward to! Halloween Activities "30 Days 'til Halloween" is a great way to get in the spooky  Halloween mood.  The download comes with a super easy, anyone-can-sew pattern for the Halloween bags pictured, which you then fill with the 30 printable Halloween activities (we tend to attach everything to candy in our house just to sweeten it up :-P).  On Halloween night, once you've done all of the activities in the bag throughout the month you can use the bag for trick-or-treating!
-->Ps parents--if you haven't figured it out already, cloth trick-or-treat bags are the way to go.  Nobody wants to be stuck carrying the thin plastic handle on a plastic pumpkin once that pumpkin is full of goodies and the kids don't want to carry it themselves anymore.
With 30 fun, crafty, spooky Halloween activities, October is sure to be the funnest month of the year! To Halloween Activities "30 Days 'til Halloween" just CLICK HERE
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