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Monday, December 7, 2009


We have a tradition in our family called Candles that we do the whole month of December.
I can't remember how it started but every night we gather around the kitchen table, light candles, read stories, sing carols and get into the holiday spirit. Every year I have to remind the kids, HUSBAND, and now In-laws, "DO NOT light your strands of hair on fire!", "DO NOT put the paper on the flame and watch it burn!", "DO NOT make sculptures out of the melted wax!", and in general "DO NOT PLAY WITH THE CANDLE FLAME!!!". What would candles be without mother's reminders? So every night, it is the same ritual.

My Son-in-law came up with a new way to break my rule. Last night we served up hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows during candles. Alex, our favorite son-in-law (he was the only son-in-law there last night, so hence our favorite!), was of course playing with the flame. He took a miniature marshmallow, a staple that he plucked out of the chocolate label, put the marshmallow on the staple and roasted the marshmallow. I freaked out and ran and got some skewer sticks for everyone. Teddy grahams and chocolate chips joined the party and we spent the rest of the night making "LITTLE BITES OF HEAVEN". A new tradition has been born.

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