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Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm pretty computer savvy. Don't you just type up a page, say abra-cadrabra and it's posted online? Apparently it is a little more complicated and time consuming.

We're racing the clock to Christmas so we came up with some time saving short cuts to get our fantastic Christmas products online. We decided to proof the produt packets on the computer instead of printing them out. Great idea in saving time and not to mention economical.

Dad didn't get to sleep until 6 in the morning but we saved enough time that the dinner packets were available for purchase before Thanksgiving. Quite an accomplishment. We started to sale some of those packets over the weekend. Dad happened to print out one of the packets and I sat down to read through it. Staring me right in the face in BIG, BOLD, RED LETTERS was one of my printed edits. The edit said, JOSEPH FIX THIS BOX!!!!!! Well, yes he did fix the box, but he didn't get rid of my edit comments. We are still laughing. JOSEPH FIX THIS BOX!!!

Everyone that bought this packet now knows why we went back to using my trusty crayons for editing. We have yet to figure out how to get Dad to bed at a decent hour though. So much to do!

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