Monday, June 27, 2011

What happens when your daughter has just had her first baby so all your girls are visiting in Alaska together for a week?  You eat!  With that much time on our hands we got a little creative.  These edible bugs are delicious. 

Making The Edible Bugs:

1 package oreo cookies
One 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened

In your blender, blend the oreo cookies until they are really fine. In a mixing bowl stir the cookies and cream cheese together until well blended. Roll into bug shapes and freeze.

16 oz. of almond bark or white chocolate
3  tbsp. shortening
Food coloring
Assorted candies to decorate bugs

Melt the almond bark and shortening together in a double boiler until melted. Watch it so it melts but does not get too hot. Be careful to not let any water get on the chocolate. Add food coloring.
Dip the oreo shapes in the chocolate to coat and set on a wax paper lined cookie sheet to harden. With the left over metled chocolate attach eyes etc.   Enjoy.

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