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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ana's Wedding Hutch

Aren't 2nd hand stores great!!!  We found this hutch (it's actually the corner of an entertainment center), but it's unique shape makes for a fun china hutch.  We found this lonely piece sitting in a back room of a Deseret Industries Store (2nd hand store).  This heavy oak piece was crying for us to take it home and so we did. We just had to do a little face lift to the hutch. (Well maybe it was a big face lift!) I didn't take a picture of the before, but the picture above is the after.

Antiquing the Hutch:

1.  Sand your piece of furniture until all varnish is removed. (You want the paint to stick.)

2.  Paint your furniture with a good quality laytex satin paint. On this hutch we painted the outside a turquoise blue  and the inside of the hutch yellow.  Let completely dry. 

3.  Sand all edges and corners until the wood is showing through.

4.  Stain the whole piece with Early American Wood Stain.  Put the stain on with either a sponge brush or a cotton rag.  Be generous with the stain in the corners and on the surface.  You don't need to worry about putting the stain on evenly.  After you have applied the stain wipe off the stain with another clean cotton rag.  Work on one area at a time.  For example:  apply the stain on the door, wipe the stain off and then move to another area.

5.  Let the stain dry.

6.  We are still debating on whether we want to put chicken wire over the doors?  What's your vote?

The smile on this new bride's face was priceless.  She loved her gift.

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