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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kermit's Birthday Continues

Kermit's birthday continues with cousins racing to see who can bite the frog donut first.  Kermit cheated a little and used hands, but after all he did just turn one.  
The donuts were made by using unglazed donuts.  (Making your own are the best.)  You will also need two donut holes per frog.  We made a frosting and colored 
it green and white.  
Green for the frog and white for the eyeballs.  
Two chocolate chips completed the eyes.  
Tie a thick string (we used yarn) around the donut and attach the donut hole eyes with two 
toothpicks per donut hole.  
String the frog donuts from a light or you could even have them hanging in a doorway.  This donut contest is a birthday favorite and is played at most birthdays.

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