Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Looking for a fun activity to do for that bridal shower you're throwing? Look no further! We put a great twist on this classic bridal shower 'video groom interview' to make it especially entertaining :-) We came up with some common (and not so common) questions to see how well the bride and groom really knew each other, and they had everyone laughing the night away! For the full instructions of how we played our game, just click HERE.  But, for a good laugh, just read on!

Some of the best parts of the night were when the bride or the groom couldn't quite decide on an answer.  When asked "how would you describe your first kiss?" our groom couldn't quite decide between option A and option D--leaving him with the answer "it was a sloppy peck." How did they pull that off?

The laughs continued when the bride responded that the "ideal man" (her fiance) was the "strong and silent" type...but according to his answer, he seemed to think that he was the "life of the party" (I guess they must go to some pretty dull parties?)

This sweet groom didn't want to say anything negative about his bride-to-be, so when we asked him what annoyed him most about his fiance, he reluctantly chose A-her relentless strive for perfection-but apologized the whole time, stating over and over again that it really didn't annoy him!

Finally, we asked, "What rude awakening is ___(the bride)_in store for?"

The options were:

  a.  Socks and underwear everywhere
  b.  The toilet seat always being up
  c.   Unidentifiable bodily noises
  d.  Ridiculous requests in the middle of the night.

Our naive bride answered A, but her soon-to-be spouse had something a little saucier in mind and answered D!  In our version of the game, the bride got to open the present if she got the question right, but her mother got to open it if she didn't! In this case, mommy got to open some lacy lingerie! I don't know what was redder-the negligee, or the brides cheeks...

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