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Monday, June 10, 2013

Homemade Party Ideas "Ties For Dad"

It's Father's Day on Sunday,
Hip hip, hooray!
It's time to get going
and plan the big day!

You'll leave dad crying
and wiping his eyes,
when he comes downstairs seeing
this big fun surprise!

Don't neglect taking care of the big guy that's been taking care of you over the years.  Rain, snow, and sun, dads everywhere put on their starched shirts and ties and head off to work so that we can live comfortably.  This Father's Day make your dad GLAD to wake up and see ties--all over the house! With this homemade party ideas "Ties for Dad" theme, you can decorate everywhere with fun little surprises for dad to find around the house.  This homemade party ideas "Ties for Dad" theme comes with free printable bottle labels, free printable candy boxes, free printable father's day cupcake liners, free printable candy bar holders, free printable gift boxes, free printable gift tags, and a super fun free printable Father's Day banner that your dad will just love!  Follow the instruction below to print off all of the fun free father's day ideas and have a happy Father's Day!!!
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Instructions On Printing All Images:

To print the images below, left click on the image and then right click. Save the image to your computer. 

               NOTE:  It is important that you left click first to get a high-res image! 

Insert the images into a word document or power point.  Print on card stock paper.  

Bottle Labels

Print the ties on card stock paper and cut them out leaving a white border along the edge. 
Wrap the tie around the soda bottle and glue the tabs together where they overlap. Place the ties on your soda bottles, and you are ready to party!

Cake Pop Tags

Print cake pop tags on card stock paper.  Cut out leaving a small white border along the outside edge.  Punch a hole in the top and the bottom of the tags.  Place tags on cake pop sticks.
These are so yummy and they are a fun and easy treat to eat.  If you are short on time you can also dip donut holes in candy melt.  


1 box chocolate cake mix (or cake mix of your choice)
1 can  frosting
 Candy melt
Sucker sticks  (You can find these in the cake decorating section at Walmart or any craft store.)

Make cake according to package directions.  Let cake cool.  Mash the cake with ¾ can of frosting.  Roll the dough into balls and refrigerate  for a couple of hours (you can freeze them but never for more than 15 minutes).  Melt the candy melt according to package directions.  Add shortening  and melt with the candy to make a good dipping consistency.  I usually add a couple of tablespoons.  Dip the end of each stick in the candy melt and let sit in freezer for 10 minutes.  Push the stick up halfway through the  cake ball and dip cake ball in melted candy melt.   Set the balls on wax paper so that the bottoms flatten.  Enjoy!!!

Goody Bag

Options:  You can punch two holes on the top of the bag through all layers.  Fill bag with treats and string a ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow.  You can also hot glue stiff cord at the top for handles .  
Fill  your bag with treats, prizes, candy and toys.


Cookie Pocket

Candy Box

Putting The Candy Boxes Together:
Print off enough boxes  to fit your party needs on card stock paper.  Cut out boxes. 
With a ruler and flat head screwdriver score along all dotted lines.  Fold along the dotted lines to form your box. 
Glue the box together, putting the glue on the tabs and the tabs on the inside of the box.  (Hot glue works great.)
Fill your box with candy of choice.

Cupcake Liners

Print the cupcake liners and cupcake tooth pick graphics on card stock paper. 
Cut out the liners.    Tape the cupcake liner sides together to form a cone shape.  Do not overlap.  The edges should be taped flush with each other.
 Place a piece of two-sided tape just inside the cupcake liner on the inside. 
Cut out  the tooth pick graphics leaving a small white border around the edge. 
Hot glue or tape the tooth pick graphics to tooth picks, dum-dum suckers, pixie sticks etc.
You can glue two tooth pick graphics back to back over the tooth pick for a cleaner look. 
Place your cupcakes inside the liners and press the two sided tape to the cupcake liner.
 Frost your cupcakes and  as the finishing touch insert the pick in the top of the cupcake.  

Napkin Rings

Tags And Labels

Print tags, labels on card stock paper.  Cut out leaving a smile white border along the edge.  Punch a hole in the tag.
You can put your candy /treat in a bag and attach the candy label at the top.  You can also staple the label to a giant candy bar  with no bag.  With a flat head screwdriver score along the dotted line and fold in half.

Gift Box 

Printable Banner

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