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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Party Favor Idea Party Blower Tags "Ballerina"

To speed up a party that's going slower,
all you need is the ballerina party blower!

Party Favor Idea Party Blower Tags "ballerina" is a fun way to liven up any party--even my grown kids love to play with these! 

You can print party favor idea party blower tags "ballerina" by clicking here.

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Celia Ambrose said...

Just wondering if anyone has told you this is a quilting blog for people who make quilts? I don't do crafts anymore...just quilting. You might have more response on a craft blog for your cute ideas. Best wishes

Parties and Patterns said...


We have several quilt patterns on this blog. Sorry I haven't posted a quilt pattern lately. I will try to post quilts more often. I do a lot of party themes where the quilt matches the party. We are a blog that does both parties and patterns.