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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quiet Book Pattern "Princess"

I think that one of the best things that you can give a child is a quiet book, so I designed special quiet book patterns for each of my grand kids for last Christmas.  Quiet books are great for everything--you can take them to church to keep kids entertained without making a lot of noise, they're great to teach kids important skills (braiding, buttoning, zippering, etc.), and they're even a great way to keep babies entertained with the variety of colors and textures!  This princess quiet book is charming and oh so fun--you can braid Rapunzel's hair, magnet jewels onto a crown, tie the shoelaces on a princess boot, find the pea in the princess's bed, and much more!  There are pockets for coloring books, story books, and doll accessories--there's everything a little girl (or even a baby) could possibly need to play for hours!  I made these books for my baby granddaughters (all under one year old), and they love playing with them, but so do their older sisters!  Make something special for your daughter or granddaughter that they'll remember forever--all you have to do is click, download and print and this quiet book pattern is yours!

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