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Monday, August 19, 2013

Party Ideas: Pink Poodle

When I asked my three-year-old granddaughter what she wanted for her birthday party, she said "pink!"  Like any grandma would, I of course obliged!  I decided that I would throw her a "pink poodle" party, and my daughter immediately said "then you have to make all of the girls poodle skirts to wear!"  How do I get myself into these messes?  So, like a crazy madwoman I ran to every fabric store to find enough matching fabric to make my nine granddaughters each a poodle skirt and then I sewed away!  It took a little work, but the party was absolutely adorable.  All of the girls dressed up in their skirts (my two grandsons who attended wore capes that I made them) and they had a Pink Poodle tea party accompanied by some classic tunes to groove to in the background.  It was a blast!  The girls loved their skirts and the moms couldn't stop snapping pictures of all the cuteness.  Like all of my birthday parties, I've included the downloads for these party ideas on my website.  You can download bottle labels, cupcakes tags and liners, silverware pouches, gift tags, the cutest little purses in the world and MUCH more just by clicking HERE!

I hope you enjoy!

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