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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"The Pink Poodle" Poodle Skirt Pattern

 Poodle Skirt Pattern

We threw this delightful little Pink Poodle Party for my granddaughter's third birthday and all of the girls had there own pink poodle skirt--it was a big hit! The girls absolutely loved their poodle skirts--they sat there twirling, swirling, and dancing away to make them flare out and spin!  I made 8 different skirts: size baby to age 8.  I embellished the skirts with white poodles made out of a washed wool felt fabric and then added pearl leashes to the poodles for some extra pizzazz.  They turned out to be so charming!  You can download my poodle skirt pattern HERE to make a darling little poodle skirt for your own little girl!

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