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Monday, April 18, 2011

Emily's T-Shirt Dresses

Emily’s T-Shirt Dress
My daughter Emily made these adorable dresses for her two little girls.  These are so fast to make and your little girl's will love their new little summer dresses. 

What You Will Need:
One t-shirt (size to fit your child)

Fabric for bottom of  t-shirt dress:
  Measure around the bottom of the t-shirt and time’s by two for the width of the fabric.  For the length of the fabric,  fit t-shirt on child and measure from the bottom of the t-shirt to the length desired plus 2” for the hem.  (If the t-shirt measures 18” around the bottom and you want the dress to hang 13” from the edge of the t-shirt then you would need a piece of fabric that measures 36”x 15”.)

Quilter’s adhesive

Heavy Starch

Putting the T-Shirt Dress Together:
Hem the bottom of your fabric by folding it up 1/4 inch and ironing and then fold it again at 1 ½” and iron again.  Stitch across the fold to make your hem.  

Sew the sides of the skirt together to create a tube.  

To gather the top of the skirt, sew a running stitch and then pull on the bobbin thread.  Pull until the fabric measures the same as the length of the bottom of the t-shirt.  Pin the skirt to the t-shirt right sides together and stitch.  Press the skirt down.  

Cut out letters from fabric.  Iron each piece with heavy starch and lightly spray the backs of each piece with quilter’s adhesive.  Place letters on t-shirt and applique them in place. 

For the flower cut a length of fabric 3”x15” and iron the strip wrong sides together.  Sew a running stitch on the raw edge of the strip and gather fabric until it becomes a circle.  This is the flower. Hot glue the edges together and sew a button  in the center.  Hot glue the rough side of Velcro on the back of the flower and sew the soft side of Velcro on the t-shirt so the flowers are removable for washing.  

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