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Friday, April 15, 2011

Quillow Patterns

How The Pillow Quilt Works:
The pillow quilt is for fun and decoration, but also a nice TV quilt.  The pocket is meant for  feet to slip into and then the blanket wraps around the bodyl
It is also a great blanket for sleepovers.  Everyone feels like they have their own personalized sleeping bag.
There are two ways to use the pillow quilt.  You can keep it flat, stick  feet into the pocket and snuggle with the blanket……..

Or you can keep the blanket half folded inside the pocket and then snuggle with the blanket.

How To Fold The Quilt Into A Pillow:
Lay quilt top face down on floor. 

 Fold up the bottom of the quilt. ( Fold is at the bottom of the pocket.)

Fold the sides in.

Flip quilt so that the pocket is facing you. 


 Grab inside corners and turn pocket.

Fold top of quilt corners down to the top of the pillow pocket.

Grab top corners and insert into pocket down to the bottom corners. You now have a pillow quilt

Fold quilt into thirds and insert into pocket. You now have a pillow quilt.

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