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Monday, January 3, 2011


Card Table Playhouse Pattern "Service Garage".  This service garage is the latest in our collection of card table playhouse patterns.  Kids love the removable tools and gas pump because it creates realistic play. Moms love this card table playhouse because their kids disappear for hours. This playhouse fits over a standard size card table. 
You can download this pattern HERE along with many other great ideas for kids at
 Parties and Patterns.


Cheryl said...

You make some really great play items for children... totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

Are all the full size patterns included with this? How can I download the truck in a size big enough to make the large truck? Or do you expect me to free hand draw it? It seems like this pattern will not have all the applique patterns needed to finish it because they can't be downloaded in the full size.

Elaine said...

Yes, all of the download packets include full size patterns. No free hand required! The download package prints off on 8.5x11 paper so with larger items you simply tape the pages together as instructed in the packet. Try it out! I'd love your feedback on the download. We offer a full refund if you are unsatisfied. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

How tall is the door? The table you have the sample on looks big and tall, is it a standard size card table? It's so cute!

Elaine said...

The door is 20"x26". We do use a standard-size card table but then I buy PVC piping that i put on the legs to make the table a little taller. It makes it nice for the bigger kids that can't resist playing along!

babar said...

i like your color scheme.
PVC card