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Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Craft Idea "Ghoul Friend" Count Down Candy Calendar

"Don't cha wish your 'ghoul friend' was hot like me?" 

There's no wonder why this little lady has Frankenstein head over heels--she's the epitome of class! With hair to "dye" for and spider earrings, who could resist her creepy charm?  And she's sweet to boot :-) Anyone would want a girlfriend like this! My nephew dated (and later married) a sweet girl named Annette.  He couldn't make it to a family function once because he had plans with his girlfriend.  When my daughter asked me why he wasn't there, I responded "He couldn't come because he went hiking with Annette!"  Befuddled she replied, "I can see why he would go hiking...but why would he want to go hiking with a net?" Do you have any funny "ghoul friend" stories? Halloween Craft "Ghoul Friend" Candy Calendar is a great way to count down the days that special "date" at the end of the month!

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