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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Skeleton Party Favor "Slim Jim Pirate" Cookie Pocket

Who doesn't love a good cookie? Well, my son-in-law for one! The other day my daughter told me a funny story about how her husband can be so picky about some things--and it's all in his head.  He came into the kitchen when she was making this delicious recipe for oatmeal cookies.  He saw that there was oatmeal out on the counter and immediately complained that he didn't like oatmeal cookies.  She explained that the oatmeal was blended and you can't even taste it... But, it was too late-he wouldn't try a single bite! Ironically, he was up at my house a couple of days later.  He walked over to the cookie jar and was pleased to find it full.  He grabbed a cookie, took a huge bite, and, just to make a point exclaimed loudly "hmmm, it's so wonderful to finally get a good cookie with no yucky oats in it!" So, my daughter asked him to bring her a cookie.  Upon biting into the chocolatey treat she looked see a cookie FULL of huge round oats! She still laughs and gives him a hard time about how much he loves "yucky" oats.  Make some yummy cookies for your next party and pass them out in this  Homemade Party Favor "Slim Jim Pirate" Cookie Pocket--it's all about making things visually appealing!

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