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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trick or Treat Bag "Skeleton 2"

Last year the ladies stayed home while the husbands took the little ones trick or treating.  My son didn't dress up, he just wore his leather jacket.  He went with my son-in-law who was wearing a black cloak and a "scream" mask and they took all of my little grandchildren. The two of them showed up at a door, and after the gaggle of children got their candy the host offered "do mommy and daddy want some candy too?"  My bearded son turned to his slightly smaller, masked brother-in-law and smirked "well honey, I'm obviously dad so I guess that makes you 'mommy''! We've been laughing about that ever since, and we still give my son-in-law a hard time! Make trick-or-treating special this year with Trick or Treat Bag "Skeleton 2"--it holds tons of booty!

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