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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Craft Idea "Pumpkin Head" Count Down Candy Calendar

In my family, Halloween is kind of a big deal if you know what I mean.  Now that my children are older, we've gotten into the habit of taken their little children out trick-or-treating early on in the evening so that we can spend the rest of the night at home! We pull couches in front of our big double front doors and then I arrange a lavish display of candy on benches in our front entry way.  With the trick-or-treaters having to venture into our house to get there boon it turns into a Halloween fashion show for us and we just all sit around to admire their costumes all night!  With a family who loves Halloween as much as we do, I just couldn't help but make this Halloween Craft "Pumpkin Head" Candy Calendar--it's a great way to count down the days until All Hallow's Eve!

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