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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Craft "Patty Boo" Candy Calendar

Do you ever wonder where the idea of dressing up as a ghost came from? I can see it perfectly now.  It was October 30th and a tired mother with much to much to do (as is almost always the case with mothers) realizes that she has yet to assemble a Halloween costume for her little one.  Oh no! Fearing her child's disappointment, she considers what she's got on hand.  Resourceful (as mothers always have to be), she pulls a sheet from the closet, drapes it over her little monster and pronounces "you can be a ghost!" To sweeten the deal, she lets the child cut out two eye-holes (what child doesn't like cutting things they're not supposed to, like sheets?). Voila.  Halloween Craft "Patty Boo" Candy Calendar is also sure to be a huge hit with the little ones! With thirty one days of treats, this is one ghost that they'll want to be able to see every day!

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