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Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Party Favor Ideas "Mummy" Name Place Cards

A name, a name, what's in a name? I tell you, with a name like "Elaine," there have been a lot of laughs associated with my name! One day I went to the store and had to fill out a form for something. The clerk asked me what my name was and I responded "It's Elaine." Imagine my surprise when the clerk handed me back my copy and I looked at the name printed boldly in the name place: "Ittsy Lane." My family laughed about it for years! These cute name cards are sure to get some smiles at your Halloween party--but you might want to ask for spellings on any new names at the party before you print them off :-)

1 comment:

Jen @ frazzled 5 said...

i am so super excited to do this project for my daughters classes:)