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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Printable Cupcake Liners "Dracula"

Cupcakes hold a special place in my son-in-laws heart.  This past summer he had jaw surgery and couldn't eat solid foods for a month or so.  One night he woke up absolutely starving, but, when you can only eat things that are soft, your options are rather limited! He found a batch of cupcakes I had made to take pictures of these cupcake liners with and he went nuts! Like a starving madman, he desperately shoved them between the tiny space in his braces (which was banded shut because of the surgery) and into his mouth.  Crumbs were everywhere and cupcake was smeared all over his face, but he said they saved his life! He's had a special feeling towards cupcakes ever since :-) Printable Cupcake Liners "Dracula" will guarantee that your next party doesn't "bite"...

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